With the help of different online resources, you can easily find the Top 10 Data Science Institutes In Delhi and top-notch institutions for the training of data science professionals in India. If you are currently planning to relocate to India or looking to make an advanced career in this field, choosing the right academy in Delhi is very important. Explore some of the top options available in data science courses offered in Delhi, as well as other top destinations of India.

Top 10 Data Science Institutes In Delhi

List of Top 10 Data Science Institutes In Delhi

1. Techstack Institute

Techstack Institute is one of the prominent names in the list of top 10 data science institutes in Delhi. It is one of the leading international educational organizations in India. This institution offers major courses related to technology like Digital Marketing, data science, machine learning etc. This academy offers advanced, corporate and master level programs


2. IIFT (Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineers) 

This school offers data science course in Delhi. In the curriculum, students learn the basic techniques of data science, data mining, data cleansing and decision making. They also learn about data visualization, data management, statistics and other related technologies. IIFT also offers internship programs in the United States and abroad.

IIFT offers a one year business analyst program, which is a great option for professionals who want to pursue specialization in this field. The school also has certificate programs in data science courses, which are suitable for students who are looking to become a professional in data science courses in the future. This program provides an overall view of the curriculum. Students taking the course can expect to work in various capacities in data science departments and consultancies.

3. IIT Delhi

For those students who already have bachelor’s degrees and are looking forward to pursuing higher education in the field, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi) is a good institution. It offers different specialized courses in the areas of finance and business. These students can opt for a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) through Data Analytics Certificate Program. This program has been specially designed for MBA students. In this program, students learn various techniques in data analytics, data mining, decision sciences, business analytics and statistical methods.

4. Upx Academy

Upx is one of the most reputed schools in India that has earned a good reputation as one of the leading data science institutes in India. Founded by Kancha Upadhyay, the Upx Academy has been offering training in the field of software application development and application training for more than 20 years. The school offers programs that help professionals develop both general and expert level skills and knowledge. Courses offered at the Upx Academy include the advanced degree courses and master’s training in the data analytics industry. Other features of the school include online education training, placement service for trained graduates and placement services for skilled professionals.

5. Pragati Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET) 

PIET also referred to as Institute of Information Technology and Learning (IIT-Delhi) is one of the oldest colleges in India that offers degree programs in the fields of computer science, information technology and management. Established in 2021, the college has a strong reputation as one of the best schools for IT and bachelor and master degree programs in the information technology domain. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and is one of the largest institutions of learning in India. With more than 500 students from various states of India, the school enrolls graduate and post graduate students on a regular basis.

6. Courses in Data Science (CDCS)

One of the best data science schools in Delhi that you should look out for is the Courses in Data Science (CDCS). This particular institution offers a particular course named as Spring Data Discovery. This course is an advanced course in the field. It covers several topics such as exploratory data analysis, experimental data analysis, supervised data analysis, cluster methodologies, optimization methods, and mathematical pattern generation. This particular school also offers a Masters in Statistics from their campus.

7. Aditya Institute of Technology (ATAIT)

Another good school that you can look out for is the Aditya Institute of Technology (ATAIT). This school has its campus at Puri in Madhya Pradesh, India. This institute has got a good ranking and is one of the top ten data science institutes in India. They offer over eighty data analytics industry related courses to students. The school offers both online and campus based courses.

They are also offering a Masters in Information Systems which can help professionals become an Information Technology Consultant or Information Security Officer. Finally, the Aditya Institute of Technology offers a Computers and Information Management (CIM) certification course to students. This course can help professionals become a Computer Information Manager, Software Project Manager, and Information Technology Analyst. These are some of the best data science institutes in Delhi that can surely help you to get the best jobs for yourself.


The info Science class offered by Coursera will trainer basic notions of this area, such as basics of Python, basic analytical theories and etc.. This training course is acceptable for newbies in Data Science, since you may get time and energy to wet the own feet. Upon getting achieved by doing beginners class you’ll have clear understanding up on if coding really matches you or in case you alter your attention on various field.

9. Simplilearn

IBM may be your second-largest Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning services provider internationally (source: The Forrester Wave report, September 2018). A combined venture with Simplilearn and IBM introduces students to incorporated blended learning, which makes them experts in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The info Science class in cooperation with IBM can create students industry-ready for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science project functions.IBM is a major cognitive cloud and solutions platform corporation, headquartered in Armonk, New York, offering various consulting and technology services. Every Year, IBM invests $6 billion in research and development and has attained five Nobel awards, nine US National Medals of Technology, five US National Medals of Science, six Turing Awards, along with 10 Inductions at the Usa Inventors Hall of Fame.

10. Edureka

Opportunities for data scientists-one of the latest jobs-are fast growing in reply to this exponential levels of data being recorded and examined. From the competitive wo orking scene, that sees an infinite stream of information and communicating, data boffins help major decision manufacturers shift from adhoc investigation into a ongoing dialog together with data. Edureka provides certification certificate classes in Statistics analytics, preditive modelling, along with other people that will assist you kickstart your livelihood for Adata Scientist.